Friday, February 17, 2012

Checked In

Up in the tower of the Stratosphere Hotel we got appetizers and martini's and enjoyed the view.

At Cesars.

We spent most of our days in the hottub at the hotel. We kicked it old school staying at the Stratsophere which was a pretty cool not too big casino. We even had some great luck on the slots. While we were in the hot tub we met a lot of folks. One was a guy from New Jersey who got in the pool and forgot his iPhone was in his pocket. Oops. We also met some guys from Wales and from Austrailia and from Ireland. I have a favourite ar in the whleworld its called The Peppermill so of course I had to take Tricia there. We invited our hot tub pals but only Ireland joined us. We had a really great discussion about the world. Obama, Ireland and life in general at The Peppermill with our buddy from Ireland. We solved a few of the worlds problems. The Peppermill has a featured moment in the movie Casino.

When we realized we were going to go to Las Vegas and a friend of mine from Germany was also going to be in town we planned on getting there at the same time so we could have a meet up! How wonderful to be able to meet up and catch up. My friend Greg and I have known each other for 15 years and we met on an online bookclub for Cormac McCarthy. We had a lot of fun catching up. Having some cocktails and playing slots and Roulette.

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Greg S. said...

Oh dear, my double chin is showing. Time to go on a diet. What a great visit Candy!