Monday, February 27, 2012

Sexiest Man At Oscars

Oh I love Christopher Plummer and his thank you speech was great. He looked so good it was crazy. Handsome, distinguished. I had a little crush on him when I was a little from The Sound Of Music. Plummer has several roles I've loved him in from Night of the Generals to Eyewitness to The Insider. He is the real deal like a worker bee of an actor and I love that about him.

And Bratt Pitt just never looked better. Yummy stuff.


Anonymous said...

Itz knot eazy bein' me...poor Angelina had 2 settle 4 Brad 'cause I like my Candy !!


Candy Minx said...

xxxxooo thanks babe!

Furtheron said...

Great to see Christopher Plummer get some well deserved recognition - he is a fantastic actor