Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One More

Here is one more pic from Las Vegas trip where Tricia and I met up with a friend from Germany and my Cormac McCarthy online bookclub, Greg. We are at a funny bar in Cesars. Actually it's the same bar a bunch of us went to the night Stagg and I got married.

I have an invite to go to Knoxville in a few weeks. My friend who translates Cormac McCarthy into Portuguese is going to be in Knoxville and Stagg and I want to drive down to meet up with him and our friend Wes. I have no idea of we can wrangle this trip but we really want to so I'm sending it out to the universe. Life is hectic around here...need a plumber for laundry sink need to get the car worked on (of course right?) and need to meet weird hours at work juggling a couple of different jobs. Wish us luck and cross your fingers!


Furtheron said...

Good luck... virtual fingers, virtually crossed

Wes Morgan said...

Love to see you and Stagg again. And I am enjoying your recent posts on the CM Forum. Wes

Candy Minx said...

Hi furthon, thank you! I want to get to UK too...we want a six month trip over there, then we could have a cuppa together right?

Wes, we're working on it...Stagg and i think of you many times and talk about you. You are my Knoxville hero!!!! It's nice to be back at the forum.