Saturday, February 18, 2012

Downtown LV

My fave place in Las Vegas is all around the original downtown. I love the "neon museum" and the older style hotels and casinos. We ate at a diner called Du-pars. We played slots where our paid out was all in nickels! Tricia's fave looking casino is The Binions. Isn't that great with the tourquoise and pink neon lights?

We got a red velvet cupcake at about had some rough trade over the next 12 hours...I can relate. Today when we got home I felt like I had been beat up. Oh its fun to get to Vegas and then you need to rest ha ha! Thanks Tricia what a fun time I can't wait to go somewhere again!

1 comment: said...

Sounds grand. I loved the lights and the strip when i was 15. just loved it.