Thursday, December 06, 2012


An EPK is an electronic press kit

I've been messing around with these for a while now...I sent out the above video, as a trailer and package, a few years ago looking for production support.  Some of you might recognize yourself in here or someone you know at our mutual online bookclubs...

Below is an example of one of the many synopses I wrote to people trying to get places to stay, funding, hotels etc etc.

Connecting to others on the internet makes you feel more connected.

After ten years of full time participation in two literary web boards where the participants discussed, often passionately arguing, the nature of reality, the meaning of storytelling and the intent of various authors, film makers, or poets and how to cook the perfect dinner I decided to meet the characters on the other side of my computer screen. For real.

I set out to cross North America, (and am planning to visit half a dozen cities in Europe and track down one photographer in India) to match the faces to the opinions of the feisty forum participants of the official Cormac McCarthy Society, the polite web board called "Constant Reader" and a dozen bloggers I had spent innumerable hours with online. Who were these thoughtful, contraire opinionated people and why did we find so much to talk about? Who were they in real life and how had the internet affected their lives?

Social and moral critics often predicted negative and unsavory effects due to the mass adoption of the internet with fears of everything from stalkers to dulled brains in future generations.

Instead, I met with people who had found an emotional satisfaction and human contact through their online friendships and activities. This was a series of people who had not bonded by playing shoot-em-up games, passing hugs on social networks, or found romance through matchmaking web sites...these were people who had bonded through rigorous discussion of philosophical, emotional and literary ideas. These weren't your average chit chat addicts....these were cerebral everyday folks who had raised the emotional value of their lives through meeting strangers online to discuss the meaning of life via books.

To date, I have met and interviewed over 35 people, including anthropologist Grant McCracken
(who I met blogging), have travelled over 11,000 miles, to 19 cities, and collected about 16 hours of tape.


brassawe said...

What a cool project! And yes, I did see some familiar faces.

Candy Minx said...

Thanks for watching Steve! You will remember of course that I interviewed you for this very same project...your face/name will be on a marquee/trailer one of these days lol