Monday, December 03, 2012

The Baby, The Bakery and A Zombie

 You might remember that my friend tricia's brother passed away a year ago. His best friend has just had a baby and they named the baby boy after her brother. We drove to Wisconsin to see baby Neil.
 Here are the tired parents Kris and Chris!
 Tricia and her mum take turns holding baby Neil.

 My nephew did his own make up for Halloween! what a cute scary zombie!
 Tricia's mu got Tricia and I two amazing coffee mugs...they have villians on them! At long last the villians are getting their dues.
 A beautiful full moon in wisconsin last week.
 Here is a local bakery where we got 3 milks cake. Yum! But look...what a charming nativete scene they have...the esert is craft brown paper, the star is cut from carboard. And look the sheep are next to cacti.

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