Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nothing's Scarier Than Marriage!

I could have eaten every frame of the movie Hitchcock. It's a delicious movie especially for fans. And while I was watching I kept hoping Mister Anchovy and Tuffy P had made their way to see it because it is made for those of us who hold his movies as affectionate fun favourites.

Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren make this movie. It is campy and it is fun and it is about marriage as much as moviemaking. The soundtrack is delightful because it is all light and flowy until anything to do with the husband wife behind Psycho appears and the soundtrack goes classic scary. It's not that there are any surprises in this movie but it is really such a meaty homage to the time period and to an artists crisis mirrored in a marriages possible crisis. I could watch this movie a hundred times because it is total fan porno. The movie isn't going to save the world, it isn't going to provide a paradigm shift but it is good clean movie buff fun! 10/10.

All of the actors are fantastic...but two surprises are the Norman Bates actor, James D'Arcy is excellent. I have never been a fan of Scarlett Johanson who I feel is usually a curse to a movie and can not act very well...but I must eat my words today and give her creds. I thought she was actually very good and I almost forgot it was her in the role of Janet Leigh.

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Eugene Knapik said...

Haven't seen it. Might get to it though. I think there are a lot of Hitchcock stories to tell and any number of them could be very interesting.

I don't know what Mister Anchovy would think. We haven't seen him around since he headed west a few months ago. He hasn't even sent postcards.