Tuesday, December 04, 2012

On Set

 I had a few more scenes to film...and Zandra had her scenes to film this weekend. Above is one of my actors with the shooter on the chicago River this morning.
 Experimenting with hair.
 Christina and Tracy, two of my actors today.
 On location at Irving Park Barber where the owner operator barber, Jon, had a part and allowed us to use his quaint and hip barbershop as a location.
 Back in our living room...Zandra's crew relaxes in our "green room" with lots of snacks.
 Zandra's make up team.
 One of my locations on the river this morning.
And me..."it's a wrap"..flopping down after a busy few days. After filming this morning...Stagg and I had appointments with lawyer nd then went grocery shopping. Whew what a weekend, what a day!

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