Saturday, September 14, 2013

Highway 84

 Mus from Yellowstone. Driving the Beartooth Highway, a protected historical "All-American road"or "national scenic byway"
and through Yellowstone Park were two of my favourite routes. Just stunning. We were excited to get into Boise early and have a walk around the town and some dinner. We had perfect weather and got into Boise about 3 in the afternoon. Found a patio for happy hour cocktails and then walked around the cute town. Stagg and I were in Boise two years was one of our favourite places on our road trip then.
 When we were looking for a place to eat supper in boise...we came across this place below...which really gave us a laugh. We actually found a place down the street. There are all kinds of awesome bars and restaurants in a small group of blocks in downtown Boise making it a great place to relax and shop. We drove from Yellowstone Park, via Highway 33 and Highway 20 to Interstate 84. This took us from the Park to Boise, Idaho and then to Pendleton Oregon.

 Tis swimming pool was one of the utstanding places we stayed. We would set up a few driving goals, no longer than six hours of driving a day...and book hotels accordingly.  This hotel pool is in Pendleton oregon, at a Red Lion Hotel. I kind of fell in love with this chain of hotels as they are retro vintage decor. Sort of the 70's slash 80s. I might try to post a series of hotels interiors later this month if I can track down the pics I took of some great hotels. This pool was great because it had such a stunning view...and we made cocktails and took them to the pool and really kicked back this night in Pendlton. We also had a great meal in their restaurant. Steaks, highbrow meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and fish and chips. Excellent food! We ate some terrific meals most of the trip.

 The mountains in these last two pictures are at the edge of Oregon and Washington. We were pretty excited to get to the "pacific northwest" and the climate change was immediate. As were the forests.

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