Monday, September 16, 2013

Vancouver Family And Friends

 We were so excited to get to Vancouver we drove an extra long day after leaving Pendleton Oregon.
 We got into town in time for supper and got unpacked at our friends house and it was so much fun! Lots of food and talk!

 Here is one of my beloved spots in Vancouver. I've probably posted several pictures of this very spot in I always take a picture here. This is part of Vancouver harbours, at Granville Island. My sister and her family live right at Granville Island. A terrific location with the market of little shops and fresh produce and seafood booths. I used to work at the bookstore here...and at my sisters kitchen store here. I actually popped into Blackberry Books
and said hello to my old boss. He is still hanging in there even though the book business is a warzone.
 Here my sister, bro-in-law and the nephews showed up at our friends place. Everyone is on holidays at the same time so we had a lot of time to get together and hang.

 Above is my sister in her kitchen. they did some great things with space saving in their urban apartment..I love the racks and shelves behind her. She has tons of cooking equipment and tools and its real puzzle solving.

 My oldest nephew is obsessed with fishing. here is one of his favourite lures.
 Note the small painting ona  shelf at my's one of Eugenes!
Of course we had salmon!!! My nephew caught this one...delish!