Sunday, September 15, 2013

Synopsis Writing

Once you make a film...what do you do with it? You try to find a place for people to see it. Short films used to open major film releases? used to be that you'd go see a movie like INDIANA JONES and the theatre would show ads, previews and often a short film. But i haven't seen a short film before a feature movie in twenty years. So the life of short films is supported almost exclusively by film festivals. I have submitted my recent short film into a few more film festivals for consideration. I had to write a synopsis...and I always have a nervous surge when I have to write such things. But I do try to make it fun...and talk out loud with Stagg. Since this is an experimental film I saw no reason to write in a linear logical manner. I felt like I wanted to write in a way that supports the style of the film. I set aside nerves and tried to have some fun with is what I wrote...thought I'd add the trailer with these words...

Who owns facial hair?

Four flâneur walk an urban landscape as a form of self-reflection, meditation and study.

Is there freedom in a bandana?

Repeated motifs offer visual homage like incantatory texts contrasting the silence of the characters.

Is there a post-industrial spiritual being?

If society forcefeeds a narrative on us what happens when we become the storytellers?

Is banjo the new EDM?

How do we portray a history of thought or cinema or art or the individual?

Sometimes perhaps the struggle for freedom and action is a quiet manifestation.

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