Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pull Up Terrorism By The Roots

Considering the causes of terror is neither
softheaded idealism nor the appeasement of evil
by Thomas Homer-Dixon

From this research, a clearer picture of terrorism’s
underlying causes is beginning to emerge. This picture
suggests that participants in terrorism tend to be
men in their twenties or thirties who are ferociously
angry because of powerful feelings of humiliation.
The humiliation can have many sources, but it’s
likely to arise when relatively well-educated young
men are deeply frustrated by a lack of political and
economic opportunity and when, at the same time,
they strongly identify with a group, society, or culture
they perceive as oppressed or exploited. Extremist
leaders then inflame and manipulate these feelings
of humiliation, partly by defining the “enemy” -- the
group or society that’s responsible for all problems
and that should be the target of attack.

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