Friday, September 15, 2006

Some Search Words That Brought People Here...

stephansen neal
minx urban meaning
mercury coffee toronto
monser feet recipe
keifer sutherland Stand By Me bloopers
farmers and hunter-gatherers
essays on john lennons woman is the nigger of the world
couds draver
Tim Chelesvig
chicago sights
paragraph about what candy is
gnostic gay galleries
Fight Club gnostic
keifer sutherland and michael douglas mother shirley douglas
victorian masterbation
masterbation religious teaching
david pollard lsd
stanley inster
guerini button accordions
jorge luis borges things argus odin
mercury organic esspresso bar
anita karl
rosie view controversy utube


mister anchovy said...

these are just too good.....cmon candy, fess made up a few of these, didn't ya?

received a package in the mail today from Chicagoland....we've been glued to the tube. thanks!

Red said...

These are always amusing! And I see from Mister Anchovy's comment above that you will be busy spreading the good word of US TV over several countries for the next few months! Bless you, girl!

* (asterisk) said...

Man, you get some great search terms coming to you. Mine are always rather dull, unforch, or I'd post them more often.