Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Coca-Cola and Cormac McCarthy

"There's no such thing as life without bloodshed," McCarthy says philosophically. "I think the notion that the species can be improved in some way, that everyone could live in harmony, is a really dangerous idea. Those who are afflicted with this notion are the first ones to give up their souls, their freedom. Your desire that it be that way will enslave you and make your life vacuous." NYT's interview with McCarthy, 1992.

Coca-Cola references in Cormac McCarthy novels:

The Orchard Keeper, p. 199

Suttree, pp. 23, 70, 71, 72, 156, 185, 392

All the Pretty Horses, p. 221

Cities of the Plain, p. 114

No Country For Old Men, p. 20

The Road, ARC pp. 19, 123

"Stacking up stone is the oldest trade there is," he says, sipping a Coke. "Not even prostitution can come close to its antiquity. It's older than anything, older than fire. And in the last 50 years, with hydraulic cement, it's vanishing. I find that rather interesting."From the New York Times Interview in 1992.



Never mentions Pepsi then?

Karen said...

That was my first impression too - not Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, Rootbeer, soda or anything else... "COKE".

My thought would be that "Coke" is the more common expression when referring to any dark cola (not to say that Pepsi isn't as popular as Coca cola...).

Hmm, I like the last quote that you included. Very interesting..

* (asterisk) said...

I'm diggin' on Cormac, CM. Shit, he's got the same initials you do!

Anonymous said...

hmmm. wonder what it means? (probably the guy just likes coke and has a can by his computer as he writes....

Candy Minx said...

I think he likes Coke too. Um, Minerva Jane, I don't think he uses a computer.

Gardenia said...

Ahhh, stacking - I see you put that concept to art!!!! I found it interesting in the Old Testament Bible, that significant events were often accompanied by an altar - i.e., stacking of rocks for a memorial - "to remember."

thehealingroom said...

"There's no such thing as life without bloodshed."

As every woman knows very well.