Thursday, April 26, 2007

Regis Is Back!

As some of you know, I've been on a diet...well, not really a diet, but returning to my normal diet of lots of vegies and salad and 35 grams of protein a day. I started doing yoga when i was about 12 years old...but hadn't been doing it the last few months. Dumb idea. Anyways I needed a serious kick in the I decided to aim to do sit-ups. I've always been a person who could do like I dunno, 5 sit-ups. Today I was at the gym for the third time this week, swam for half an hour and did 125 abdominal crunches with 10 lb weights and 50 crunches at home this morning while watching the return of the King.
Actually, I had to stop my yoga and sit-ups for a few minutes when Regis and Kelly started because I started to cry like a baby. He has been gone six weeks and heck...I missed the guy. I've been watching him almost every morning...even when I travel, for twenty years. I almost always do yoga and exercise while watching the program. As I was walking home from the pool, I realized, it doesn't look like I have lost any weight in the last two weeks...but I feel back to my energetic strong core self...and that feels really good.
I am not able to do psuh ups. Okay, I can do 5 push ups. And I fall to the ground exahausted and sore...somehow my next goal is to do twenty pushups. If you are here for Thursday Thirteen...I'm just a little slow this morning, but am working on it...please check back in a while!!! I'll be surfing your blogs as soon as I get my post done...Cheers!


Darla said...

Wow! That's a lot of crunches! Good luck with the push-ups.

Red said...

Come on, you Candy! I have reached my first target, so I am pleased as punch, and I will be able to go to Italy this weekend holding my head up high!

As for push-ups, do you do then with fully extended legs or on your knees? I read ages ago that because of the way women are built (ie, breasts) we have a different centre of gravity to men, so doing push-ups with fully extended legs is actually really bad for your back. Just so you know!

Welcome back to Regis... oh, he's like an old, faithful friend, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Has he been sick? Is he ok?

You go girl! I am so glad someone is working out!

Anonymous said...

I cried too when I saw Regis. Gotta love that guy!

64BakerSt said...

Good luck! I'm sure you will reach your goal very quickly.

I can do one push up. I was up to 19 at one point, but then I slacked off!

Gardenia said...

Congrats Candy, good work, and I know its lots of work. I'm just doing a very modified version of crunches and I hate every crunch. I think only "Tiger Army" could give me enough energy to do them....a lot....I'm sooooooooo undisciplined when it comes to exercise. Am working on the diet, I've lost a complete size since coming back to Florida. During the worst of the anemia though was living off of string cheese and ice.

Tomorrow going to the store with my list of avocado, dates, etc.