Sunday, April 15, 2007

Please Don't Feed The Models

About this time of year I usually go on some kind of diet for two weeks, then return to focus on foods I like to eat. I don't like prison food (bread, rice, noodles, potatoes, beans) which is all the fattening foods but still sometimes, there are occassions especially in the winter where you can't escape eating them. So I tend to go on a two week portion controlled diet, then return to a berries, protein and vegetable diet that I prefer to eat year round.

One of the best diets I've ever practiced is a three day salmon diet. For three days eat salmon twice a day, and only berries and vegetables. What I usually do is eat yogurt and blueberries for breakfast. Then at lucnh a serving of salmon and brocoli. Then for supper salmon on a large salad with tomatoes, cucumber radishes and avacado.

What happens is not just losing three pounds, which you will lose about three pounds...but all of a sudden at the end of three days, your skin looks amazing! Glows with all the omega 3 oils from the salmon, and you'll be thinking like a mathematician...all fast and clear! It's a great diet if you have a special party or event.

I collect old "beauty books". I pick them up at second hand stores. I've got a bunch of VOGUE books they published every few years in the 70's 80's and 90's. I pulled one off the shelves this week because I was looking for some new ideas for exercise. I found some hilarious diets inside this one book from 1977:

WINE AND EGGS 3 Days/loss 5 lbs

Breakfast: 1 egg, hard-boiled
1 glass white wine (dry)
Black coffee

Lunch: 2 eggs, hard-boiled is best, but poached if necessary
2 glasses white wine
Black coffee

Dinner: 5 oz steak, grilled with black pepper, lemon juice
Remainder of white whine (one bottle allowed per day)
Black coffee

I have never tried this diet, but I thought it was so funny. The thing is...I can imagine the wine actually works to take the edge off of hunger pangs. Instead of some drug to make you forget you are hungry, a glass of wine? I might try this diet next week and let you know if it works. Heh heh. I may not be able to type on my blog but I'll be skinny and drunk?

I am exercising like crazy...and I've recorded back seasons of America's Next Top Model and J. had a t-shirt that said "please don't feed the models" I spit my glass of wine out over my yoga mat laughing.

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Timmer said...

I like your diet! I think that "prison food" comment is so true, and hard to get awy from. The last few weeks I've had this incredible unsatiable craving for french fries. I saw a program on tv explaining the origins of french fries, amoung several ideas was that the Americans coined the phrase during WW2. Apparently they couldn't get enough of them. The Dutch eat them with mayonaise. Anyway, back to your diet!

Gardenia said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I want to go on that egg/wine diet NOW! What a fun post. The diet you are on sounds absolutely yummy! Hopefully I will get out today and get the ingredients. I wonder if smoked salmon will work - I want something portable. I usually do my berries in a green tea/berry/superfood shake - now can't have that great bubbly green tea. Also I do the capsules of the Omegas....but probably not the same, huh?

Red said...

I am not that hot on salmon, so I don't think I'd be able to stick to three days of it, twice a day, but good on ya!

And you've already lost some weight... wow. I don't think I've lost anything during this first week, but A) my scales are messed up and not very accurate (I might buy another set today); B) I've exercised every day and muscle weighs more than fat, right? So, maybe I should have measured up my thighs and my waist...

After climbing on the scales this morning, I had a despondent moment: "If I'm not losing anything, what is the point of trying to be good with food and exercising?" Then I thought that exercise is good for me, anyway, and maybe if I stick with this regime, some weight will eventually come off. I ended up cycling for 40 minutes, Weezer blaring on my iPod. Roll on Week 2...

Candy Minx said...

Tim, if you're gonna eat junk food, french fries are one of the better choices because of the fat. It's much better for hormones and digestion to have some fat with starches/carbs. I like french fries too and have them about once a year though.

Gardenia, it sounds like you already eat very healthy fairly consistently. My weight gain is froma couple of things, not smoking last with a boy (eating more whole life I never ate three meals a day...just snacks here and there when single) and stress. I don't really watch portion sizes, but rather watch WHAt I eat.

Red, Aw, yeah, well the salmon thing wouldn't be so good for you. I am crazy about salmon. The diet is only three days, but by the third day I am almost tired of salmon. heh. Yes, muscles do weight more than fat and I'm sure you arte converting wieght all last week. I don't have a scale...I can tell by my jeans and clothes...I am horrendously over weight for me right now. All my clothes feel uncomfortable, that is if I can do them up. Not good!

Did anyone check out that "Shrangri-La Diet? It's unusual by taking in a teaspoon of oil and sugar before meals...? It squashes appetite?

* (asterisk) said...

That is a great T-shirt. I remember laughing at that one.

ANTM tonight here! Penultimate episode (though we know who wins already).

Anonymous said...

For three days eat salmon twice a day, and only berries and vegetables.

So, how does yogurt for breaky fit in here?

Sounds interesting diet, I will try it,

Candy Minx said...

*, what season of ANTM...youmust be a little ways ahead of us or behind?I s Tyra Banks the host, or someone else?

Sonja, can eat other proteins...but not any starches. So yogurt is okay with the berries. I'm having babganousch with celery and lox for lunch today.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Lox. One of my very favorite foods. I just love it!

Babganousch? Sounds exciting and mysterious.

I started my diet today. Will let you know how I make out :)

I am diabetic, and so far, for even 1 day, my sugar numbers were better!

Thanks ;)

Candy Minx said...

Sonja good news, diabetes really responds to high protein no carbs diet.

I don't think I can do this wine diet...and the idea of eating 9 eggs in three days is just gross. I had a glass of wine last night and almost fell I don't see how I could have wine in the day and do exercises and write etc...I can't do anything after I have a drink...but especially when dieting!

The salmon diet went really well though for the lasty three days. I've definately lost a few pounds...I would say four pounds.

It's the sit-ups that are killing me!

Anonymous said...

Eh, it's me again :)

Just wanted to tell you that this my 3/4 into my second day of the salmon diet, and my sugars are great!!!! I have been battling high sugar the last couple of months.

And, I really even feel full all the time