Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some More Search Words That Led People To This Blog:

Guy Cetre et son whippet Rock Destroy
"where is Aunt Ruth?"
3500BC Hindu
minx eagle rock
prom dresses minx
gnostic clothing line (someone should start this design business, I get a few of these searches every day)
"Peter Fuller Memporial Foundation"
popular prints of women in the 80's
british female rock singers
you are a straong confident woman and people like you
transcript of greys anatomy
gold jewelry during vietnam war
what were the ahppiness questions on oprah april 11, 2007
vishu celebration in U.S.A.
rear indoww edding ring symbolize
emerald tablets masterbation
herbs sister 2 1/2 men
child addiction to flour
kurt cobain is hungry
the significance of the quote the world is yours scarface
relaxing time after vishu
McCarthy:what we may well believe has the power to cut and shape
my child is extrememly compatitive, what can I do about it
culture confident woman
spiritual masterbation
symptoms forget vague fatigue

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL! I get some strange ones, too -- many of the Google searches that lead to my blog have to do with wrestling -- arrgh! It's my own dang fault -- I named the thing Tennessee Text Wrestling, after all. I always laugh imagining people's reactions when they're looking for something about, oh, mud wrestling and they land on my little writer's blog. 8-)