Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Chris Marker's

The movie 12 Monkeys by Terry Gilliam was inspired by this short film.

Here is a few minutes from La Jetee, a 27 minute movie.


me said...

how odd, it was only last week that i watched 12 monkeys again. and for the umpteenth time i had to try and explain it to wifey. i gave up after 20 minutes!

Candy Minx said...

Well, can you imagine trying to explain this one? Although short films and experiemntal films are not often containing obvious narrative or huge special effects...they are a huge influence on other artists. I know some people who hate Hollywoo and commercial cinema and only like experiemental film or European movies. Sometimes some of the most innovative and special cinematography is to be found in these alternative films.
: mainly because there is a freedom without the pressure of conforming to huge budgets and tyranny of cookie cutter narratives.

Anonymous said...

There is also something about the texture of the film image that video can't match. I have a lot of problems with video projections, I prefer video being contained in a light box, but film is glorious. Stinking expensive too.