Saturday, May 26, 2007

Endgame Whimper?

We just launched a major refresh to Some of the changes are subtle, some are big, and they all build on a bunch of improvements we've been making to the site since January. We've been spending a lot of time listening to you, and incorporating an enormous amount of feedback into this refresh - dozens of changes to both our look and feel and to our backend systems to make Technorati more useful to you.

As I've blogged about before, the world has changed. Whereas folks using Technorati a couple of years ago were predominantly coming to us to search the blogosphere to surface the conversations that were most interesting to them, today they are increasingly coming to our site to get the 360 degree context of the Live Web - blogs of course, but also user-generated video, photos, podcasts, music, games and more. They want all the good stuff out there, all in real-time, and we're using the power of 80 million bloggers to help organize it and make it fun to browse; using the wisdom of crowds as a mirror on ourselves.
From Dave Sifry creator of Technorati.

I don't really know what this means. This place says..."NO LONGER BLOG-CENTRIC" about Technorati changes. But I checked and it seems there is still a ranking system. Kawasaki's blog has risen to #19. Mine is at #2,481.

I have listed the painting above, titled, Kawasaki Krump, on eBay. Here is the link, click. I have raised my asking price to $300.00, which I believe is an incredibly good price especially considering the year long amount of entertainment and history now associated with this painting. I had a good idea. I went to Dave Sifry's blog, bout Technorati, and told him about my quest to beat Guy Kawasaki to top ten rank at his Technorati...and I also asked him if these changes will affect my challenge to beat my adversary, Guy Kawasaki. I also asked him if he would consider writing about my attempt to beat Kawasaki. I hope he responds. I still plan on giving one half of the profit of Kawasaki Krump to a charity of Guy Kawasaki's choice.

I hope you, kind visitor, will link my blog to yours and go visit my sale of Kawasaki Krump.

A Brief History of My Quest To Beat Kawasaki!
This is my 582nd post.


Gardenia said...

Amazing concept. Cool writeup with the painting on Ebay! I too hope Sifry responds, do keep us posted on this - little play on words there.

Amy Ruttan said...

OOh I hope you get a response and beat him.

I have no idea what technorati means, but I think I'll go check it out.

I don't know half the stuff floating around the blogosphere.



lets just go for beer Amy

thehealingroom said...

I think you have an chance to beat himn.
Your rating has climbed significantly in a short time.
I will link your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Their rankings have been bogus for a long time, so I guess this is one way for them to avoid being stamped as frauds.

Now they can run a new scam.

I think they're headed down the tubes, unless they can sucker some more venture capitalists into throwing good money after bad?

I know it sounds harsh, but it's time somebody called their bluff.

Amy Ruttan said...

Ok four dinners sounds great.

Candy kindly offered her assistance (when I get a moment) to explain it to me.

Candy a k is a thousand. So I wrote 7,000 words and have hit 25,000. The most I have ever written in one sitting was 8k for NaNo. I'm a little brain dead today! :)