Friday, June 01, 2007

McCarthy and Oprah, Tuesday!

I am so excited for this interview. Look closely, in this ridiculously small pic you can see Cormac and Oprah on comfy chairs. I am recording this episode tomorrow and our friends Deana and Marc are coming over for snacks and cocktails to watch it with us.

We have a very small place and our living room is actually our studio. Stagg has one side of the room and I have the other...I should go take a pic of how we arranged it to fit us all in there...just a sec...there we go, I wish I knew how to put these pics together into one shot like'll just have to imagine. We moved the tv and crammed some chairs into the space.

As for snacks...we were picking up food the other day and getting cheese and crackers and pate and sausages and my mind was blank about what to make so we grabbed these silly bagel dogs. So much for health food. And the best deal on vodka was this humungous bottle for 15 bucks! We went to see Cormac McCarthy's play The Sunset Limited last year opening night at the Steppenwolf Theatre (yes the one Sinise and Malkovich began) and McCarthy was there (he sat right behind us!!!) and we got to meet him. It is also the night we met Marc and tomorrow we are all pretty excitied as this interview is rare. McCarthy has only done two interviews for media before...and is known as somewhat reclusive like Salinger or Pynchon...not any more baby!

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Gardenia said...

I'm working backward on your last 4 posts - I need to absorb and think about them. Enjoyed the photos of your space. I pray a studio for you guys - a real, honest to goodness studio! I too have a tendency to put my work in my living space - shoot, I LOVE falling to sleep with the smell of oil paints and thinners! Yum. It's comforting for me. I love the many shimmering colors of chalk dust ----- love being able to access and put my fingers on my "tools" - You have a neat space there actually - viva la livable studio!