Friday, June 15, 2007

Upcoming Attractions

I am running out the door in a few minutes to meet with Tim Westergren founder of Pandora: The Music Genome Project.

I got turned on to Pandora by Four Dinners over a year ago and last night Pandora hosted a party at a downtown club in Chicago. I'm running out the door for a quick visit with Tim in a few minutes.

Later this afternoon I will post my recipe for Cauliflower Salad due to popular demand.

Later! I gots to run downtown and meet up with Tim...wish me luck with coming up with decent questions for him!

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thehealingroom said...

Oh, too bad I didn't see this post sooner.
Joaiah hooked me up with Pandora a couple of years ago and since i have told so many people about it.
Its so fun!
Whenever someone has to do work on my place, I ask them their top 3 musical faves and start blasting Pandora's Box while they are working.
Makes for a happy atmosphere.
(I also make them my famous coffee)