Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Production

QUESTION: Are you still planning to make Blood Meridian?

RIDLEY SCOTT: We got it down as a screenplay and the problem is that it is so savage. But that’s what it is. If you did it properly it would be an X-certificate. But you can’t apologise for the violence and you can’t quantify the violence and you shouldn’t try to explain the violence. It is what it is…an exercise in brutality, savagery and violence. For the most part it is probably relatively accurate. It shows the flipside to Dances With Wolves of how the United States was probably taken. It was taken by the throat.

(the screenplay is written by William Monoghan who wrote The Departed. Ridley Scott is the director of American Gangster, Gladiator, Bladerunner, The Hunger, Thelma and Louise, Alien)

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tweetey30 said...

Hey there I Liked dances with wolves... We have that one in our selection... But maybe this would be a worth seeing movie.

Candy Minx said...

Um, this movie hasn't been filmed yet...but I will pre-warn you...not for the squeamish...the novel isn't for the philosophically squeamish...I don't know what they will do with the movie in terms of the existential aspects and complete nihlism.

Tweety, knowing you stick with Dances With Wolves ( a movie I also really enjoyed) although remember the west was won by sheer violence and genocide...but that doesn't make a universal movie for all to see.

shadmarsh said...

I got 42, which is more than I figured I would...but I would dispute quite a few of the books on that list...