Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Break and Coming Attractions

I am taking a summer break.

It's just a break...I need to do some travelling and I don't have a lap top, so posting while on the road is not going to be easy. Plus...I feel I need to rejuvenate my perspective.

Since not blogging last week...I read three books! So I need to refresh and reload.

What is very that I felt I had nothing to write about and immediately I have received e-mails and phone conversations of people giving me ideas! How wonderful! And several e-mails hoping I was not quitting blogging. No I am not quitting...just on summer holidays. Thanks for your e-mails and interest in this blog, I hope by taking time to refresh and research I will find all kinds of ways to surprise you!

It's occurred to me that visitors will want me to post some pics as Stagg and I are on a road trip this summer at end of July. So I will try to find internet cafes...

In the meantime I am researching and writing...a script...and ideas for this blog. I have lots of surprises in mind...and am already well on my way to new "aha moments" and inspirations.

Here are some upcoming topics and themes: (for the naturally curious and A-type on the yellow text for more info)

-Medical intuitives and psychic healing
-public transportation
- the rebirth of trains
-recycling garbage under your own house
-deep sea animals who live on caustic acid and carbon dioxide from inside the earth (can we find a new source of power by studying these animals? a new way to power vehicles?)
-New York City
-Miami Beach and the Florida everglades
- simple living lifestyle options for voluntary simplicity and the arctic research station
-Las Vegas
-Bootsy Collins
-new weird america (psychedelic folk music revival of the mid-2000's)
-post rock (Stagg kind of plays post get you started, think using rock instruments to play instrumental sounds)
-stretching and yoga. I've always done yoga...but recently I have added several new "classic" stretching exercises to my day...these neck exercises have been revolutional!

-art critics: I never thought I would appreciate an article by Jed Perl. I have thought this art critic was the most cynical person talking about pop culture in a long time...but it turns out maybe he and I just have different tastes in what we like...he has used some art I like to try to explain his position...(I think he has made a few mistakes with the examples he used like Lisa Yuskavage)...but he wrote an awesome article recently. If you hate art or love should read this article by Jed Perl. What I have in the past called "punchline art" he calls "visual stunts".

I happen to like Jeff Koons and so disagree with Perl except...that Perl is correct. I think Koons manages to both be a major superficial product manager AND an artist at he same time heh heh...but aside from Koons...I think Jed Perl is right on. Here is a post I wrote a while ago...related: called "I Blame The Artist" click here...

An alternative to cars? Human Powered Vehicles...

Green Mall...a real place why not design for urban Japan...and Seattle mock up for urban farms...

-Rain Barrel Guide I grew up using rain barrels and I love them...and don't understand why every home owner doesn't have them...let's investigate...
-Green Culture
-Human Powered Vehicles

Why don't you have a rain barrel?


tweetey30 said...

Hey I know most of my friend that had my hot mail address got an e-mail from me saying I was stranded in Malaysia. I am not stranded.I am home in WI... I just wanted you to know this. I have contacted Microsoft to tell them of my problem but they cant really help me so I have switched my e-mail address to the one in my profile now. its nbrtweety at gmail dot com.

Candy Minx said... need a rain barrel!

I did get the crazy email but knew it was a fake right away. No worries.