Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wut Up?

I have been a little AWOL in the past month and not blogging very much. I have been pretty busy working and my free time I have been going on massive walks while in Toronto. It's been pretty fantastic as they wear me out and I've been having great sleeps. We saw some wonderful baby ducks in an urban landscaped park last week and sat and watched them for about 15 minutes taking a break from our huge city walking. We walked from the west side to Allen Gardens and all through University of Toronto and then back to Bathurst about 3 hours I guess.

Meanwhile I did a lot of paperwork and some fundraising for one of my dcumentaries and work. Not much else to report. After a stagnant own fault...I didn't want to buy new boots ha! And so of course it was a super snowy winter and I didn't really get much outdoor exercise for two months...I won't let that happen again! I had to talke like two weeks to get my wind back...about three days of sore muscles...but now all back to normal.

Anita and I went on a 14k walk last Thursday and we started it off watching these adorable baby Canada Geese. We walked from oh sheesh somewhere way up north all the way along the Don River to Queen Street. We saw a frog, 2 orioles, several hundreds of small fish in the river, a rabbit, a ground hog, a chipmunk and lots of red winged black birds.

I admit I was pretty tired that night even my ankles hurt!

As I've said I've been doing a lot of walking. Stagg and I walked for over an hour to a club to go dancing for a Madonna-Rama night...lots of fun great to hear her new music in a nightclub the crowd went nuts, dance floor completely filled up.

I am really working at working out. Today I didn't make it to the pool. Usually I get int he poo with the Silver Mafia around 7:30 but couldn't wake up this week easily. Tomoorow for sure.

But my work out routine so far is to walk twenty minutes at medium fast pace, then on treadmill very fast...this side of a run for 20 more minutes. I did rowing machine for 10 minutes. Then 60 abdominal on a weight machine thingie. Then light weights for my far only 10 pounds. I kind of build muscle really quick so I tend to only lift light weights.

The I do about 40 minutes of yoga like stretching and exercising, leg ups, about 40 sit ups on the floor.

This will take me another week or two to get warmed up and then I'll add minutes to each of these activities.

The shitty part is, women need to work out 5-6 times a week to keep weight off (and lose) where men can work out 3 times a week and lose weight. Oh well.

What have I been listening to lately? Well, of course Madonna's new album, which is amazing to walk to around the city...all the retro smooth dico makes you walk very fast. Listening to a new Peter Murphy (from Bauhuas) , new Paul Weller (thanks Cappicino Kid). I unpacked a lot of records too...we have a turn table and I really miss the feeling of records and the artwork on them. I got Sandinista some old Madonna's, The Misfits, Coleman Hawkins, Robert Johnson, The Cure, Diamanda Galas, I got out Nebraska which really is such a must own if you don't own it...well your collection is sadly amiss ha ha! Really no self respecting goth and artist can sleep at night if they haven't spent many irreplacable hours listening to Nebraska and staring at their bedroom ceiling...

My plans for the next couple of months? Well a conference in Knoxville for Cormac McCarthy, a trip to Florida and Memphis (we think waiting to hear about our budget and Stagg's time off) and we are going to New York City beginning of August. can see that I will be on a bus, and probably Stagg too, for quite a bit of time and I've got to keep up with the stretching. I figure if I lose a lot of weight the bus seats will feel bigger...?

anyways...not too much news that's about it but it felt so good to ge around and check out everyone's blogs...



Darla said...

Congratulations on the working out--I didn't know that about the 5 days vs. 3 days thing, but it's certainly true in our house. I've been working out daily, trying to build up a decent level of fitness, because any sort of workout is going to be problematic during our move/vacation--basically from June 18 - the end of August. I'll do what I can when I can, but my weights and exercise videos will be unavailable all that time.

tweetey30 said...

Yes congrats on working out. I have stalled for a time but will get back to it tonight I think. I was going to e-mail you later and see when you were coming this way but not anytime soon from what I am reading here..LOL

Gardenia said...

Amazing, gal! You should be a personal trainer! I could use a "whip cracker" here. Actually I'm just contemplating getting back on the ellip - its been since Monday and I'm finally able to do so - the shots helped, my foot still burns like I've stuck it in a fire - but my weight also shot up, how I don't know - I didn't eat any differently - maybe it was being off the ellip.

I don't know why its been so difficult lately - I've been following instructions - working hard as usual - maybe I'm too impatient.

Can't find my Zune to help me work out - - waaa - - - I've start weights for my arms - jees, I didn't realize what a large weight gain does to your body - then the loss - does peculiar things too.

You'll be super fit for travel - you feeling good? I feel good for the most part - more powerful.