Friday, June 06, 2008

Overweight Canada

Did you know that it is super easy to lose weight?

Yep...stop eating bread, noodles, rice, cereal, potatoes (chips) flour( cakes donuts, pastries, cookies) and other empty starches.

The pounds will simply disappear and you can eat as much as you want...whole bowls of strawberries (with cottage cheese)...the biggest salads...a hamburger (without the bun of course), a big bowl of yogurt,....

Or how about only eating one of those starches once a week?

Did you know that cancer and insulin are corelated? Thats right...cancer eats know STARCHES!

It is a well-known scientific fact that cancer cells have a voracious appetite for glucose. Glucose is their unique source of energy, and because of the relatively inefficient way cancer cells burn this fuel, they use up a great deal of it. This is one reason why cancer patients lose so much weight. Because cancer cells require so much glucose, they virtually steal it away from the body's normal cells, thus starving them. From here and

Did you know that eating starches promotes a sudden rise of sugar in your blood?

So why do we tell women with breast cancer to eat low particular those poor women focus on eating starches...which raise their sugar blood levels.

Today when I check my e-mail there is a news story that Canada is overweight...

In Canada we have this silly "food pyramid" called the Canada Food Guide which encourages people to eat plenty of starches...5-12 times a day! That is completely ridiculous, in fact we don't even NEED to eat most of these priducts EVER. No wonder Canada is overweight if Canadians are eating bread or noodles or grains every day!!!

Being overweight and recovering from cancer are also corelated. It is believed this relationship between cancer and weight is also because of the insulin/sugar blood levels.

Here is a simple way to find out if you need to lose weight.
It is a Body Mass Index (click on the yellow letters to use interactive chart)

What is your BMI...

Now compare your BMI that you just got from that link to the following:

18.5 or less: You are underweight
It is extremely important to make sure you consume a balance diet, especially if you are under weight. Taking a daily supplement is a good way to ensure you get all of the nutrients your body requires. Speak to your family doctor if you have experienced rapid weight loss, or are having trouble gaining weight.

18.6 - 24.9: You are normal weight
This is the weight that every person strives for, so congratulate your self for being bang on. Continue to maintain the weight you’re at by getting daily exercise and eating a balanced diet.

25 - 29.9: You are overweight
You may be overweight, but you are definitely not alone. In fact, most Canadians will fall into this category. It is important to start taking your health more seriously and shed those extra pounds.

30 or greater: You are obese
This shouldn’t be taken lightly. Obesity has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer – just to name a few. If your BMI is higher than 30, consult your physician and start seriously working on a plan to change your lifestyle before it’s too late.


* (asterisk) said...

Normal weight for me, my gnostic friend. Approx 169cm and 67.5kg.

Candy Minx said...

Oh good Asterisk, apparently Canada has 59 percent of people overweight...that is crazy! You're lucky men gain and lose weight quite differently than women.

Gardenia said...

Helpful post - BTW - I think the US must be worse off than Canada with the weight - I think it is two thirds here overweight. I went to the link, but I couldn't get the calculations to work...I'm now curious.

Doctors lately in the U.S. have given up on weight loss for their patients as a rule. They are treating the ravages alright - but why not practice preventative medicine? My doctor told me not to plan on losing as long as I took HT replacement and had the Crohns maintenance meds - well, there were ways...I guess the doctors are overloaded - I think when I go to maintenance, I'm going to do mainly vegetarian and then use a lot of whey powder and spirulina. That will be the true challenge.

Well, hope to see you in the summer time! Things are better here - don't know what is making the difference but better!

Candy Minx said...

Gardenia, I think you are probably right that doctors have given up on weight loss. And I don't think you can order an addict to stop...the nature of being overweight is giving up destructive eating habits and sometimes finding out what the emotional triggers

...having a government like Canada creating a terrible diet plan sheesh! I always forget how ridiculous the idea of 5-12 servings of grain is per day until I look up that guide. The food guide was probably made ina ssociation with trying to get more peopel to eat the poor products of farming like wheat, potatoes, for bread and noodles.

I am so glad you are feeling better...I am really blown away by your motivation!

Did you know that often when people lose weight they can lower many of the prescriptions they were given for chronic pain, arthritis and mental health issues are also often relieved.

Many people who eat a lot of starches suffer from depression and are addicted to their starches...a tough vicious circle. I suspect some of these folks have an allergy to wheat...whoch affects brain chemistry.

Our friend Jim who had surgery for his spina bifida lost a lot of weight in rehab...and was able to get off a lot of his meds for diabetes.

Kelvin said...

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