Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Top 20

I posted this video here last week, but I thought I would post it again, with the list of movies Tarantino talks about qucickly with a few links to movies that aren't as well known. What is in this video is one of the best examples of what it looks like to think about films. Tarantino is a poster-boy for what a film lover talks like, thinks like...they may not be the kind of movies all people agree with. Tarantino gives a good example of what it looks like to be engaged in film appreciation. He is a classic film lover. In this video he took me back to film class. To a time when also...people loved movies. They didn't use movies as means to express their own " taste"...they talked about movies with love. And this talking about movies with love is something sadly missing from film discussions today. Even crappy movies can tell us about the human condition...and offer insight into the storytelling tradition. In fact, it is often b-movie cult films that distill our cultures and provide an opening for dialogue about who we are more than many more "serious art films".

Tarantino's List of top fave 20 movies since 1992:

Battle Royale
Anything Else
The Blade
Boogie Nights
Dazed and Confused
Fight Club
The Host
The Insider
Joint Security Area
Lost In Translation
The Matrix
Memories Of Murder
Police Story
Shawn of The Dead
Team America

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