Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kyoichi Tsuizuki Photos...

That would be an Amanita Muscaria mushroom with the lady above.

Born in 1956, Tsuzuki is best known for his books Roadside Japan a book he created as an alternative guide book to the country’s unsung places, and Tokyo Style a book that explores how young urbanities deal with compressed living. These two books of photography challenge the image that most people harbour of Japanese design as elegant, minimal and immaculately tidy.

Journalist, editor, art curator, club designer, book publisher and photographer, Kyoichi Tsuzuki has made it his life’s mission to reveal and define creativity as it manifests itself outside ‘high’ or mainstream culture. He takes things that stimulate his interest and makes them public.

A few years ago, Kyoichi Tsuzuki bought the contents of a Japanese sex museum. He has since exhibited its contents in museums and art galleries

I was reading Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It's Luster by Dana Thomas and was reminded of the delightful work of Kyoichi Tsuzuki. (look at the paperback version of "Deluxe" even the book lost it's luster from original cover design)

Tsuzuki took photos of people who live in cramped Japanese apartments and spend all their money on collecting designer products.

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pjazzypar said...

Great pictures Candy! I will be in Michigan next August and it would be wonderful to meet up with you. I will keep you posted on the exact time I will be in town. I know Malcolm would love to meet you as well.

Gardenia said...

OCD's of the world, rejoice! There is art in our clutter!
Kidding aside, (you know my deculttering mission) thank you for this - enjoyed it a lot!

Sheila said...

Great photos! I'd never heard of him, tx for the intro. I love the voyeur room! I must admit however it had me thinking about Ryuichi Sakamoto and some minimlist music to enable me to cop with the density of stuff - compressed living - love the phrase.