Friday, September 04, 2009

Holy Sheep Shit It's A She Wolf

I always joke with Stagg that "wolf is my power animal". This morning when I woke up he had left Shakira's new video on the computer for me...Unfortunately there is an ad in the above video but's the only version I could find that I could embed. My god...the video is crazy sexy! On a side note...I've been studying Spanish. I have cds I listen to and a friend has suggested I take part in a meet-and-greet where you can practice Spanish. We'll see. I used to be good at speaking French but am so rusty now. I also used to study Sanskrit. I am not the fastest learner but I'm pretty aggressive with the cds. We'll see. Sometimes I wish I spoke like 5 different languages.


SeƱor Steve said...
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Gardenia said...

I have some Shakira albums. She's my favorite R rated, exotic singer/dancer - oh, wish I could move like that! She mesmerizes me. One of her performance outfits was hanging in the Hard Rock Hotel - I wanted to touch it -I could see the news - hard core Shakira fan breaks glass case in Hardrock Hotel and steals singer, Shakira's red skin suit. I don't even have to understand the music sang in Spanish - I still like it.