Monday, September 28, 2009

One Two One Two One Two

Another crazy night of running around in our family. We went out for a fabulous dinner at Mixteco with Tricia and her mum (visiting from Wisconsin...remember the tractors?) then we all ran up to the Chicago Filmmakers Co-Op where I volunteered at the box office. The box office was super busy and I was late and had to process 50 people in like 10 minutes. I was scarmbling like crazy. Then we walked over to the Dankhaus to volunteer in the kitchen for Octoberfest. What a fun hectic night.

Stagg scored a bratwurst while we were working in the kitchen. He needed it because a small tv crew came in and filmed him while he was serving people...he said he felt so hyper and crazy while the cameras were on him. I wish I could have filmed his imitation of himself Lucille Ball...

The kitchen took care of us with a big full meal of sourkraut, schnitzels, bratwurst and potato salad (with bacon!) We filled up our "to go" containers.

After our shift we were able to enjoy "The Polkaholics!" Stagg made a great point when he said "It's scary how good they are."


Anonymous said...

Lil' Walllly!

I was recently introduced to a wonderfully raucous polka band from Brooklyn ... Polkafinger!

Gardenia said...

Does sound like a wonderful evening! Things are just never dull around you - - :)

Beej said...

Candy, I laughed so hard over this that I got the hiccups! I'm serious!

Stagg looks very handsome in his hat, btw!

tweetey30 said...

I have never done the Polka in my life so its amazing to watch them. I cant carry a beat if you killed me first then tried dancing with me.. LOL.. I am a horrible singer and dancer.. I like listening to music but I cant do either..

mister anchovy said...

"I just love polka, I can't explain it..."

yeah, baby!