Monday, September 21, 2009

Word Search Poem...

Word searches from site meters...make great found are some recent word searches from this site compiled:

i dreamt and thought life was beauty i woke to find that
song from Michael Douglas movies
Sid Robbins undecided notes
alex eames can recite all 62 new york counties in alphabetical order
luciano berio. blogspot
goth ethic diversity
50 greatest bands
when black intellectuals strike
porn actress xxx pirates style
green mechanisms ammons
male supermodel list
slowpoke candy
critical essays on slaughter house five
somagh spice
marin chilmole
ray charles sunglasses
transcendental art
trent reznor interview 2009
blood meridian epiloque
wired II/2006 "the church of non believers"
famous columbo villians
edward hoppper girlie show
shottas dictionary archive
michale jackson a beautiful world of candy
Had dreams...two of em. Both had my father in them
the process of making orgegano candy
no one leaves minx download
Peter Formby
highbrow and lowbrow humor in literature
kiss 1 ed paschke
josh holloway emmys
nostic animals
been my slut in the bedroom
ed paschke
google brian kipping
largest con ever
"the gossip" "music for men" site 2009
making of "the life of buddha" bbc
world surprise thing
laughing toy marmot
fuck the world paperback
spindle making
pimp chalice
George Braque icon work
when did the word gaudy change from celebration to tacky
steve warbasse
Quench the fire-Nicky Seizure
stuck on you credits ending
warhol elvis self portrait "chicago institute of art"
farm porn xx8
farmer porn
big blonde and beautiful
the truth about the world, he said, is that anything is possible


Señor Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martin Porter said...


I once had to read the manuscript of a book for possible publication by CUP, and I remember it contained the internal couplet,

"We should not need to pay out higher prices
For plug-to-plug compatible devices"

I thought this was so wonderfully awful as almost to warrant the book's publication, though I did not put the idea to the publisher.

Unintentional poetry embedded in prose is amusing: prose unintentionally laid out like poetry is another matter. I used to be in a Finnegans Wake reading group, and one of the e-mailers (I will call her Ms X) always laid out her contributions to look like free verse. Here is an example of her style:

I'm exploring the notion
that FW was James Joyce's "final exam"
to be prime Ollav (chief bard/duid)
of all the Celts
not just the Irish ones
including in FW
all those works the bards
were trained to be adepts in:
histories, geneologies, heraldry, praise poems,
satires, and foretellings

I'm currently doing research
in the Celtic "race" pre-Ireland
where they started
where they went
tying together all the Wakean
allusions to the Hebrews, the Egyptians
et cetera.

Eventually I said to her in exasperation,

"Ms X, are you trying to write poetry, or do you just press the ENTER button at random?"

She replied in style,


when I write poetry
I don't try
I do

this is just the way
I write"

Her stuff drove me crazy.

Martin Porter said...

-- but it's interesting to see what has brought people to your site. On my do-it-youself site the only way to find out is by ploughing through the weblogs -- heavy Linux work. I did this once, and found that many visitors were searching for second honeymoon holidays. They arrived because of I have a page which is an appreciation of a poem called "Second Honeymoon".

Disappointed visitors!

Candy Minx said...

Senor Steve, glad you enjoyed the humour in these word searches.

Martin, I love your anecdote. The woman would make a terrific character for improv comedy. I couldn't stop laughing.

Martin said...

"I couldn't stop laughing."

Mission accomplished!

Señor Steve said...

I was the one who deleted that first comment for reasons I will explain sometime. But let me say it again. You make my smile muscles hurt.

Janet said...

I'm one of the half dozen people, too.


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