Friday, September 11, 2009

Time Management

Here is one of the art works we have outside. It sold the other day and we were so pleased.

I can not get this picture to straighten out. I think I have sleep dep...but here is Stagg outside a Whole Foods busking. We've been having a blast with doing this and as I said earlier we're slowly but surely selling some paintings. Below you can see a bunch of background layouts for some new paintings which seemed to go rather quickly once we put them outside. Within a week of making them, these are all gone to homes. The reason I've included these photos of Stagg's busking is because last night we went to our book club meeting and we took paintings with us to display outside the bar after we had our book club discussion. Talk about time management!!!! Stagg and I are always joking about time management because I am obsessed with doing things in multi-tasking ways and overlapping activities. I used to work in a book store in Vancouver and I decided to try to read all the trendy "self help" books. I've read so many self help books it's hilarious. I just wanted to explore that whole transformative world self help books are also super sellable. I always wished I could come up with some idea for one. I mean some of them are quite funny with the most simple formulas..." don't sweat the small stuff. I mean really? That book sold like crazy! "all I even needed to know I learned in kindergarden". Whew. "Tuesdays with Morrie", I Ching, Deepak Chopra, Covey, The Art of War seriosuly it's a fascinating genre. I read a shit load. So we're always "time management" and which is code...for oh gee..."Candy has a full schedule planned look out!". All those self-help books actually turned out to be a good addition to bar tending skills so don't laugh too hard at me! You can't laugh harder than I laugh at myself. Now if only I could apply those books to myself har!

Last night we had our fourth meeting of "The Skylark Book Club". So far we've read and discussed Slaughter House Five, Pattern Recognition and this last session was The Gospel of John. Wemet last night at The Skylark Tavern in Pilsen and it's just the best place. Great snacks, cheap beer and cool atmosphere. We want to move down the street. We will move down the street. We are going to have a film office and painting studio and a great big kitchen for all our friends and family to just drop by and a gallery. We've put that out to the universe.

There is Stagg and Miguel. The girls didn't get in the picture maybe next time. Oops. We had another great discussion ranging from what the Word in the story of John means to all of us how it might work as the birth of language, visual language, the original use of the word Samaritan. I had no idea that a Samaritan was looked upon as a slur back in those days. I was not familiar with the story so this was a good experience to hear how each of us interpreted or responded to the story. We are a mixed bag of folks. We have formed this group to discuss various spiritual, ethical and religious views of life, faith and skepticism and humanistic values. Sort of just an idea of lets see what we find out about things with each other via stories (the stories and narratives are not restricted to verbal language so it can be a book, a movie or magazine article or art work). I was amazed at how different each of us felt about this story. Stagg was really into the section about the sword and nature. Tony explained that for him when he reads this it is a motif for his life as a Puerto Rican-American. It demonstrates the way to live, by getting out into the world and sharing food talking with others and living large and helping other people. Embracing the full fun of life within social compassionate realm. The story of the woman from Samaria is about standing up against racism and haters. I interpreted the story as some of these things as well as a guide to the oral tradition of recording the celestial skies.

Jin J.X Shabazz, musician and man about town, and Tony, social activist, food organizer for service and man about Pilsen.


mister anchovy said...

I'm very happy to see you're finding homes for some paintings! End homelessness for paintings, I say.

Unknown said...

Hi Candy,
Oh you have to see the display of antique self help books at the used book store in Waupaca, the guy has a warped sense of humor, he's got used Self Help books from this year going back to the 1950s, I suppose, I bought a couple real funny ones Invitation to a Dark Room and my favorite title: The Normal Child and Some of His Abnormalities, well I guess they're more like popular psych books, but still. My new favorite genre is therapy case studies, which both titles have in spades.

I'm posting the second to last post I made a CR before I quit tonight, the last post was kind of a farewell, I wrote a bunch today to post there but it's all so fucked up I couldn't even make sense of anything.

Hope your art sale went swimmingly today, talk to you later

A Short, Incomplete List of Things I Like About Candy
She’s very clever at argumentation.
She’s bold.
She’s confident.
She’s an inspiration to me.
She’s resilient.
She has overcome much diversity and tough stuff.
She’s really funny (and has a terrific smile).
She’s well read and well travelled.
She likes to geek out on art and all kinds of fun stuff.
She’s damn smart.
She’s a great listener and she’s very understanding.
She has a super cool hubster!
She’s excited to meet new people and have new adventures.
She makes films and paintings and killer grilled cheese sandwiches.
She has written a book of poetry.
She introduced me to many terrific people.
She volunteers and got me volunteering.
She’s open and caring.
She approaches this forum the same way everybody else does, but something about her approach makes me see something fresh in everybody.
I learn from her.
She overcomes the bullshit and keeps smiling.
We share a fascination for how forum communication works!
She’s my friend!

Lee said...

Is there any one place I can see all of Stagg's work for sale? I clicked on one of your links at the side the other day but I think it hadn't been updated.

tweetey30 said...

Hi there. I suppose life with Candy can be difficult.. LOL.. But this group looks like a great bunch of peoples. I liked what Andrew said about Candy.. He has it right down to the T... LOL..

Candy Minx said...

Oh Mister Anchovy, what a cute comment. You made me laugh...yep a few homes for art is a good thing.

Andy sweet, I am so humbled by your list...I am not worthy. You are the coolest brother any sister could want! I'm going to phone you today.

Lee, I tried calling you this morning to chat but left a message on your machine. I will send you some art...but lets talk on the phone first. I guess I need to update some of my links here. I've been a bit of a lazy blogger...bad Candy. I'll talk to you soon's just been a crazy busy weekend. We had a garage sale all day Saturday...and I'm just getting back online.

Tweetey, I am a handfull in many ways ha ha. I have such strong opinions and a heavy handed style of delivery. I guess I just read too much William Burroughs when I was growing up har! I have no idea why my friends love me...but I love you right back!

Gardenia said...

Oh, what an interesting life you lead! Never dull. You enrich MY life with your life. That's great what you are doing with the paintings - I would not have the guts. Perhaps in the, THE City, I would. You are also enriching other people's lives by making art available to them - other than some sancrosanct thing that you have to be holy enough to enter the cathedral to purchase thing - know what I mean?

Oh, I wish now I hadn't ridded myself of all those self-help books - had most of them written since the 70's and the current popular treatment theories as well. But then there would never be a house large enough to hold the libraries we've collected so some had to go - besides it was a liberating statement for me - ok, I can't FIX THE WORLD. Nope, I can't. In fact, I can't fix me. I'm me, and being perfect (deceived, because it was only the seeking of being perfect) whatever that is, doesn't fix people. Even love doesn't fix people. Ahhhh freedom. But having these books and keeping them as statements of time periods, of evolution of thought, etc., WONDERFUL!