Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beach Bums...

I love hanging out at the beach...i am a total beach bum. Stagg never hung out at the beach growing up and it's kind of a new thing for him since we've been together...the first few times he was not comfortable. Actually, he used to get a lot of anxiety anywhere near anything resembling nature. He went once to the beach with his friends Derek and Dave from high school...but he got anxiety. Today Stagg wore flip flops for the first time outside...he never owned flip flops until I bought him some this summer! Can you believe it? We just took off walking to the beach today for lunch with some packed sandwiches and cole slaw (and we bought fresh cut fries at the beach). Look! There is an old school bait shop down by Montrose Beach in Chicago. We can walk there in about half an hour.

We stopped for a pop and watched the soccer game with kiosk owner Johnathan...he had the game set up in his kiosk. We might go watch the final tomorrow with him. What a hoot.

Amazing how many people were at the beach today. I guess people like us urban dwellers without a patio or back garden at their homes. I love it! I love seeing all the people and finding a little spot to set up with a blanket and cooler. I wanted to rent a jet-ski...but Stagg was a little dubious. We're going back to the beach maybe he'll let me get us on a jet ski then...he needs to move towards all this summer fun real slow.

Tonight we are off to see his friends...earlier mentioned...Dave and Derek, in their bands at Wicker park tonight...should be fun...ah this is what I love about summer!!!


mister anchovy said...
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mister anchovy said...

fun day...I wouldn't like the jet ski much though, so I guess I'm with Stagg on this one.

brassawe said...

I am so envious of Jonathan. The one ambition that I have had most consistently and for the longest time is to operate an old school bait shop.

I will not go on and on about all that, but have you ever noticed how much better a soda tastes in an old school bait shop?