Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I always used to think...I needed something like a small cabana for protection from the sun for too many hours at the beach. Well, doesn't it figure that American innovations have all kinds of solutions...I love some of these! These small cabanas and umbrellas totally are the answer. We saw quite a lot of people with canvas gazebos, beach cabana umbrellas at the beach this past weekend. Impressive.


Greg S. said...

That was a very timely article. I was just getting ready to start shopping for an umbrella for our upcoming beach vacation. My biggest concern is finding one that is anchored properly in the sand so that it doesn't blow away whenever those great sea breezes start blowing.

mister anchovy said...

but but but...if you don't want to be in the sun, why go to the beach? I tried to go to the beach once. I was in 1983 and I was in the Okanogan. There's a beach near Penticton and I decided it was time I tried going to the beach. I sat around and read for a while, but soon realized I was more comfortable in the shade of my campsite. I did enjoy a quick swim. When we were in Portugal, we had lunch in a little bar at the beach. That was fun. I had a SuperBock and a toasta and there was a cat there, mooching lunch from Tuffy P.

Greg S. said...

1. I'll be in Cannes, so there's plenty to look at while at the beach -- even if I'm sitting in the shade (hee hee)!

2. To be honest, I'm not much of a beach person. The kids like to hang out at the beach and someone needs to keep an eye on them. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

3. That sea breeze and the sound of waves is enough to put you into a deep trance. Have you ever fallen asleep in the sun and woken up as a human lobster?

4. I live in a landlocked place and miss being near water.

5. Ten days of sun at eight hours per day = skin cancer. I grew up in a sunny place when Copper Tone with a protection factor of Zero was cutting edge. My poor skin cells have maxed out on sun long ago.

6. I couldn't get Brad and Angelina to invite me to their yacht to be in the shade. Besides, they go to St. Tropez, not Cannes, which is too far away.

I'm working on 7 to 10.

Candy Minx said...

Well Mister anchovy, Greg did a pretty good job of covering most of the reasons why an umbrella or cabana are handy.

The sun is awesome...but only in short bursts. Beaches tend to be huge and to walk back and forth from the main park to the swimming area is doable...but not as much fun as setting up with some shade for ones head. With the cabana you can lengthen the time you spend in the beach area. The shade actually helps with the reading by removing any glare on your book. Sleep is a pretty big factor, it's lovely to fall asleep outside and nap...sunburn is not fun. The shade also helps ones pina colada from melting. The shade keeps the cooler a little cooler longer. And then one of the major advantages is being able to change ones swimming costume in a protected area so you don't moon your neighbours.


tiff said...

mr A i am w/ you.
i tried to be a beach person yesterday with very little luck. i remember loving it as a kid, spent all m time in the water, i am a fan of the water, and i have loved a couple of trips to the beach in the last few years so i was thinking about all this stuff just yesterday. what i noticed after i got home cooled down and got all the sand off me and baby was...

1: i HATE sand
2: i love to swim and the babe is not big enough yet (the beach will be fun next year)
3: i like the beach from 3pmish till 9pmish or 7am till noon.
4: you have to bring all sorts of stuff to a beach, most in this city are VERY poorly planned
5: every single time i have let someone other than me or my mom dictate my beach time i get a sunburn
6: by the time i get to the beach i have had enough sun and heat
8: it was cooler downtown than at the beach, go figure.
9: the trip home from the beach sucks
10: i would rather play and sit in the grass under a tree.

i am just not a go to the beach for the day kinda person. not enough adventures, less salt water, tide pools and seaweed or sangria, cheese, and a sunset are involved