Monday, July 12, 2010

Working On Stagg's CV is strange.

I don't know how I turned out to be the organized one. I am totally not that organized...but in tough moments or some kind of challenge I have been known to rise to the occasion. Enter Stagg.

I managed to find someone less organized than me and I married him. He seriously can't find anything. Not his passport. Not his social security card. He had a zerox. Oops I mean xerox, I mean photo copy. I made him get a real one. Took 15 minutes....that is after lots of humming and hawing. We now have very specific places to keep specific things. My rules. My choice of places to keep things. Like passports. The toaster is broken. Plug it in. My watch is broken. Change the battery. I lost my passport. Look in your drawer on right side of bureau. You get the drift.

I have always been lousy at writing CVs or resumes. But...apparently I am now a professional because I've been writing Staggs stuff for the past year. This week I have been working on his art portfolio and CV.

Oops...I had to change this blog post. I was concluding it with a major idiotic thing I did...which was my big punchline but Stagg said I wasn't allowed to say it on a blog. To sum it up...after all I wrote basically I did something really stupid and unorganized...which is why its ironic I'm busy writing up stuff for Stagg and taking care of his bidness. is the gist of his CV:

Anthony Stagg

Gallery History:

2009 Urban Café, 1467 West Irving Pk. Rd. Chicago, solo show, paintings

2007 Uptown Recording Studio, 4656 N. Clifton Ave. Chicago, group show, paintings
Heartland Alliance AIDS Fundraising, James Hotel 56 East Ontario St. Chicago, group show, paintings

2005 BIG SHOW, 1139 College Street, Toronto, group show, paintings

2003 Peter Jones Gallery, 1806 W. Cuyler Av. Chicago, group show, paintings

2001 GREAT LAKES, Harbourfront Galley, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, group show, painting/sculpture

1997 1633 Gallery, 1633 N. Damen Ave. Chicago, group show, paintings


Greg S. said...

Good for you Candy. I always knew that you were highly organized. Remember the Judge, who said that "the smallest crumb can devour us." Gotta keep an eye on everything.

Good luck with the CV -- and with the job search that probably goes with it.

mister anchovy said...

darned crumbs.

Janet said...

funny how what we perceive as our weaknesses can change to become our strengths :-()

Anonymous said...

STAGG sez'.................................Word!