Monday, July 12, 2010


We watched the World Cup final down by the lake and had hotdogs and coffee from the kiosk guy Johnathan as he had his tv and cable hooked up in his kitchen. Fun! Johnathan is Greek-American...his cousin used to own all the food kiosks at the lake and the bait shop. Wow. Johnathan now just runs this one for his cousin for five months a year. The other months he drives a limo. At one point Johnathan apologized for swearing and I said "Don't worry I swear like a pirate." And he asked Stagg, "Do you swear?" Stagg says "Not much." I said, " I totally swear all the time and he hardly ever does. Canadians swear a lot, all the time." Johnathan points to Stagg and says "Yes, Americans are much calmer and nicer. Us Europeans and Canadians we are rough and swear and tell it like it is."


Beej said...

Candy I laughed my fucking ass off over that...Ooooops! Big OOOOPPPS...I think I just blew Johnathan's theory, since 'Ah am an Amearicen.."

Candy Minx said...

I thought it was funny too! When it comes to watching stereotypes were left untouched!

Anonymous said...

LOL... Stagg in the chair watching the TV... Made me smile! :)