Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Forget Dave Tonight!

It's the return of Joaquin tonight on David Letterman. I am so excited. I love me some Phoenix and his new movie looks brilliant. As good as Grizzly Man or Exit Through The Gift Shop !

I thought his Letterman performance was hilarious...Really in all the kinds of public anger and outrage that has been trendy in the last few years, the anger towards Joaquin Phoenix after his Letterman performance was probably one of the most perplexing.

I was also surprised how angry so many people in the media or viewers were about lady Gaga wearing a meat dress. I like it that these artists are doing something that makes people wake up and take notice or think about the significance of how we live. Yea artists!

(I posted about Canadian artist, Jan Sterbak, who made a meat dress a couple years ago. Politicians had a meltdown about spending money on art)



ah non ma petite Candy, cette Gaga est unbe horreur ! et symboliquement, c est affreux. reveille-toi !

Candy Minx said...

Bonjour Le Gay Savoir, je comprends bien que un tont petit peu. Je veux les arts exister maquiller.