Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Exercise Part1 ?

We have been making a set up plan of walking trips. The map above is where we walked yesterday. It was just over 4 miles. I usually pack a lunch and we get an area we want to check out in the city. A couple weeks ago i had landed up on my own at a new Whole foods store which is the size of a small town. I had to get Stagg to check it out because they had tons of wine, and the store features a wine bar. So we walked from our place to this neighbourhood over by Steppenwolf. So yesterday we landed up walking past the pizza company Peqoud's that Anthony Bourdain had enjoyed so we stopped in impulsively and had a small deep dish pizza. It was pretty good. I would say it is tied for the other deep dish pizza I like at Ex Chequers. I am still not a convert to deep dish, but those two places make the ones I like the best.

Isn't that a beautiful label? Our point in getting to this particular Whole Foods is because it is so huge and has a wine and cheese bar! We ordered a Portuguese wine and the one above which i forgot what it was. We had two plates of antipasto too. Stagg was pretty freaked out how big the new store is and we walked all around the layout. All I bought was yoghurt...of course. It's a dollar cheaper at Whole foods per package than Jewel grocery store. We had an amazing afternoon of walking. We walked over 4 miles and it took us an hour and a half to walk a little slow but we're getting warmed up.

How about those snacks huh? Delish!


S.M. Elliott said...

Pizza and wine; now that's the way to walk!

tweetey30 said...

that sounds like a fun walk with out the wine.. now cheese anyday.