Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Verse Speaking, Poetry, Re-Visiting

I love Youtibe so much. How did we live without Youtibe all these years? I don't know how many people this video would interest...so I guess I'm posting it here for my own reference and as a way to keep track of the interview. A few of us are reading Antony and Cleopatra and we often track down various performances online or rent film versions of Shakespeare's stuff if we can find it. A friend in Britain found this and I thought it was fantastic. I have never seen Trevor Nunn speak before and it was delightful to see Patrick Stewart with so much hair. Weird! Stewart compares two performances he does of the charming Enobarbus in the play, once in 1973 and then later in 1978. His second exploration of the character is very close to how I see the play. I feel Antony went through an initiation ceremony and he is awakened to a way of living that is Egyptian in its spirituality and magic and a huge contrast to Roman logic and materialism of his time.

Some crazy word counts in Antony And Cleopatra:

Three, 7
Three-nook'd, 1;
Thrice-nobler, 1
Triple, 1
Triple-turn'd, 1
Treble-sinew'd, 1
Triumvirate, 1

and words with etymologies from three:

tribunal,1 (related to tribe)
triumphing, 1
triumph'd, 1
triumvirate, 1
triumph, 1 (the OED links triumph with a three tiered arch)

Fortunate, 1
Fortune's, 2
Fortune, 25
Fortunes, 17

World's, 2;
World, 42
World-sharers, 1

epiphora: A rhetorical term for the repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive clauses. Contrast with anaphora (rhetoric). Also known as epistrophe.

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