Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Editor Extrodinaire, R.I.P.

No matter whether you like his movies or not, Tarrantino's movies are worth respecting just for the editing alone. Can you imagine the laughs and pacing of Pulp Fiction without that precise editing? Tarantino's writing style incorporates the visuals of so many edits it is hard to not be amazed by how the films drag a viewer along.

Tarantino's editor, Sally Menke, has passed away today.

Tarantino has been quoted as saying, "The best collaborations are the director-editor teams, where they can finish each other's sentences," and that Menke was his "only, truly genuine collaborator."

Tarantino used to say "Hi" to Sally as he was making film anticipating the long hours of solitude she would be working under when it came to post-production. See above video.

Sally Menke's editing is probably the strongest foundation in the movie that died with lacking critical acclaim and box office, All The Pretty Horses. One of the best things about that movie is the editing.

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