Sunday, January 02, 2011


We're's a 100 acres just next to Algonquin Park. The land of Tom Thompson mystery. Of peoples who lived here for 20,000 years. Of trees older than temples. Jill and Scott and Dave and Martina had a great idea to get land up north...and then now to go up here for New Years Eve. They had never seen their newly constructed house in deep winter yet. They built this communial family "room" here over the last couple of years. They have spent several summers exploring their land and coming up with ideas on how to accomodate 4 adults and 4 growing young adults and various guests over the years. So here is a peek into our New Years Eve.

This is Prudence's first taste of the wild. City parks will be so boring in the future.

Stagg has his goods ready for service. The outhouse is a long trek in the snow and through the forest. Be brave Stagg, be brave.

Okay toilet paper is important...but there are three things you want to work out right away when in a situation like the land here with no power. Get your light sources and candles all organized, get water and get the fire going. Go Stagg pumping up fresh water. This well is 280 feet deep and is water from the fossil era and is it the most delicious water I've ever tasted!

Turned out to be an especially surprisingly warm New Years Eve. Great to be outside!!! And of course with a fabulous cocktail.

Stagg thought the local paper was gonna be a joke but he was pretty surprised at the exciting news stories.

Prudence found a place to nap.

You can see how Jill and Scott got some of the walls on top of the insulation just before the summer was over. They will finish off the walls in the spring and put in a pool table and big dining table. They have "pods" nearby of separate sleeping cabins for the various in college etc up in the summer.

Scott is very proud of his new reading glasses, they have lights on them! I think it gave him an edge in card games.

This is the original house on their land, but it was too broken down to renovate and that is why they constructed new shelters. But it makes for a evocative building on the prperty, no?

You can get an idea of the scale of the sculpture seeing Dave nearby huh?

Scott's sculpture in less foggy light. Goodbye Algonquin till next time...


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Janet said...

what a great place to spend the New Year! and I LOVE Stagg's pants LMAO!

Gardenia said...

I am envious - not envious I guess, but wistful wishing ...... I know this takes courage and creativity - awesome! Love the pics with the cocktails in the wild!

Candy Minx said...

Andy, it was a blast. You'd fit right in!

Janet, wouldn't your doggies love it here? It really was an excellent idea for New Years Eve.

Gardenia, the cold would freak you out, but you survived could handle it, big hugs.

And happy new year to all!

tweetey30 said...

Wow look at all the stuff I have missed by not reading everyday like I used to.. I have been sort of out of the I keep meaning to check in and just end up going to work instead.. Its hard working 3rd shift.. I feel there isnt enough time in my day.