Monday, January 31, 2011

Jenny's Amazing "Busking" Party!

Tricia, Djjin, Stagg and the michevious Andy!'s been awhile since I was able to make time to come online and's been a super busy week. Once we got the car we were able to do about a dozen errands we had been saving up for weeks to do if we got a car. So we delivered art work and did odds and ends and I got settled in to driving in chicago. I ws already aware that many Chicago drivers drive with their own unique spectacularity and I quickly had to accept I either freak out and bitch all the time or just expand my savvy. I chose the latter. Just assume everyone drives spectacularly and be ready heh heh.

So a few days ago our friend Jenny hosted a party for us. She had a wonderful idea since the wether was so cold and snowy and we can't busk in this kind of weather to have a party with live music and we could set up some paintings. Stagg had some artwork that was in our basement storage at our old apartment and so it survived the fire and we set up about 30 paintings. I had made about 10 paintings in the last two weeks to add to the party too.

Jenny organized all kinds of beverages, I made jello shots, and she had some snacks and three great music acts. We just had a really awesome evening. Andy and Tricia had come to town for this evening to help out and we all had a lot of fun. Here are some pics...

These two are really really beautiful performers with beautiful voices. Their names are Malic and Kate.

Jenny and Stagg.

Dennis Linda and Tricia.

Saoirse Ronne played a few songs and I love her voice!

Tony and Stagg.

Tricia and her mum Linda. They look like sisters!

My friend Zandra and her visitor in from Japan, (whose name I forgot how to spell. Will correct later this afternoon.)

The wonderful wonderful Marvin, Jenny and Scott!

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That was fun!