Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back To It And At It

Got into Chicago around 5 a.m. this morning and it feels good to be back. I am utterly knackered after the drive but also looking forward to this coming weeks activities. I had been waiting for three significant pieces of mail before I went to Cananda and they didn't arrive. They still weren't here when I looked at the huge pile of mail this morning. Argh. But I managed to track one down at my bank after pressing the tellers and managers to look around. Tomorrow morning I tackle a couple more government offices then it should be a dull roar and end to paperwork.

I feel so rejuvenated after being with family and friends and just so damn glad to have been able to catch up with some loved ones. What a great holiday.

We saw two fantastic movies this past week. We saw The Kings Speech which I enjoyed absolutely every moment of the movie with strong characters, a developed relationship between the characters and great sets, story, emotions and lots of charming humour. I give it 10/10. And as usual an outstanding performance by almost unrecognizable Guy Pierce. He has a small role and it's hard to believe he could be the same actor in Ravenous, The Proposition or Memento.

Black Swan was very good. Natalie Portman needs to carry the whole movie and she does so no prob. It's a female version of "The Fly meets The Wrestler" and has an intense climatic scene which makes the whole journey really worthwhile with its stunning visuals. I give it an 8/10.


mister anchovy said...

We haven't seen The King's Speech yet, but we did make it out to see Black Swan (which I liked quite a bit - Tuffy not so much)

S.M. Elliott said...

Merry New Year, a bit late!
I'm veeery tempted to see Black Swan. I'm in the mood for some dark drama. The only movie I've seen this year is True Grit, which was quite enjoyable - but Jeff Bridges is getting too good at playing a drunk; I could barely understand his slurring at times.

X. Dell said...

Okay, I'll have a few flicks to put on my "to watch" list.

Goodluck in getting that paperwork done. And welcome home (?).