Tuesday, August 15, 2006

20 Comments Wednesday

I know I am posting this a little early for "20 Comments Wednesday" I haven't made my comments yet, just like to get the list ready and then it makes it a lot easier to travel around and visit blogs. I am not finished my list. Do you want me to link your blog here? And make a comment? And write a ditty about your blog?

If so, leave me a comment here and i shall work you in...even if it goes higher than 20.

#1The Chronicle of Wasted TimeI love this guys blog. I've been following it for a number of months and he can do wrong. And check out the books he has read in the last two years. I am humbled. He is thoughtful, meditative, intelligent without being prissy. A true achievemnt. He should be President!
#2BarnesA sweet pensive man who likes his beer and his special trips out for dinner with the wifey. He hates cats and that is super funny.
#3New York Art Gallery This just a reminder. I've pointed this guy out before but the discussions on his blog are outstanding. If you like art, or hate it, or want to know more about the ideas of artists and the museums and artists, this is an incredible place to start. then come back to me baby.
#4Pim's Place This woman is hardcore and about to be a mom for the first time. Go give her some sugar.
#5History of MagicThis might seem a little different for me, but in fact, I am very interested in the history of magic and kaballah and the Hermetic Tradition. I believe these modern traditions(modern since farming) reveal a pagan world of science and astronomy. I have used the web site here but she just started a blog, and I am pretty excited to see how it develops and what kind of response she gets. If you feel a little magic, or desire a little magic, and who deosn't go check her blog out!
#6Graham Powell Musician, photographer, coffee lover. Fantastic photos of Niagara Falls, and touring with Jann Arden. We seem to drink at the same coffee joint. Mercury Organic Coffee Bar.
#7Felix I have participated in two online book clubs for almost ten years, and I forgot Felix has a blog. We met at #8Constant Reader Constant Reader is an amazing expereince. We nominate several Classic novels and several Contemporary novels a year, vote on them and then read and discuss. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I have read and been turned on to so many incredible books through this terrific group of folks. sometimes we have quite ehated discussions or lively themes and movie reviews but always with the passion for our book reading. If you ever thought you had the time I can't be more enthusiastic. Once a year some particpants get together and have a conference. I have never made it yet, but have met several people when traveling or they are in my town.
#9A Blog About Nowt
#10Red's Page
#11Nothing To See Here Overworm had a baby girl. Congratualtions!!! I bet we would all go over there and congratualte him....if HE HAD A COMMENTS function on his blog. I love him anyways! And I had no idea until this past week or so that he threw papers. How cool is that. He is the second adult I have met, and both online too, that delivers newspapers. A cool way to make a living I think. He has a new baby and probably the last thing he has time to do is ACTIVATE HIS COMMENTS FUNCTION. Someday....well, we can dream...
#12The Healing Room A lifelong friend, The Healing Room, talks about her horses, her journey into spiritual adventures, she has been to meditate with a famous shaman, kids, gardens, nature. A site with images much like Real Simple magazine...so serene and thoughtful, yet all west coasty too.
#13In Search of Shamash Haven't been here yet, will do!
#14Wandering coyote Today she writes: "I have at lot of time on my hands. I am pondering many things: the meaning of my life, why I am alive to begin with, why wasn't I born someone else, why does the universe spit me out places I really don't want to be?" All good questins, which I believe are a gift to be able to even ask...
#15Goddess IN The City A write relocated to Brooklyn with her family, she is always thoughtful, funny and taking risks. I like to live through her New York transitions vacariously.
#16 A Day In My Moccassins I like the name of this blog. She is in India, and posted a comment here, so I included her. Haven't been here yet, will this afternoon.
#17Butt Sniffing Puppy A writer who slowly reveals a character with poetry. Half formed, half savant. We love you Pups!
#18The Daily Arse Written by a British roofer who goes by the name The Editor. Often very funny anecdotes about his work. One of my best freinds is a roofer so hear hear for roofers!

For now, that is it...see how it goes by midnight tonight...I am going to be a little slowing making comments today as I have a lot of errands. Picking up college application for my daughter (who is too busy to do it right today for night school forensics courses, don't ask), doing some of my own paperwork, and trying to nab an interview with a curator in local museum. wish me luck...


Red said...

I'm so flattered that you're already thinking about leaving a comment on my blog. Thanks, hon!

I'll make sure there's something new and exciting there for you to comment on...

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm easy, if you want to include me.

I'm not sure I'll participate tomorrow... I found it really hard last week.

Candy Minx said...

Coyote, I get a little bee in my bonnet, ya know. I mean I also feel like a nerd doing...but the deal is...I hate blogs that don't go visit other blogs. It really bugs me. It's like those kids in school where you could only be their friend if you sharpened their pencil. Or something like that. Are ya in it or not?

It is a long time to do 20 comments...and I suspect the people who are participating may ammned or change it up. I was actually thinking of suggesting we take turns. One week so-and-so collects blogs and links. Lists them, links them. then whoever else wants to participant...go to those links and read.. .and then make a comment responding to one of their posts.

The next week someone else link blogs and comment...then follow those links again etc. I think the possibility of going to reccomended blogs(even checking out creepy blogs) would be a more noticed event/activity. But this is just throwing out another experiemntal idea. Pie was onto something....

Red no worries...I'll look forward to visiting tomorrow.

The_'Real'_Batman said...

Agree with above poster; hard thing to do and good on you for doing it

You could do me as well whie you're at it :)

Minerva Jane said...

I am so impressed that yours are up early! And so pleased that you linked to Scott Smith's blog. (His brother is my husband's good friend and we were jsut talking on Saturday about how Scott has to post more! Hopefully added traffic will give him incentive.) I'd love it if you'd include me too. I'm thinking about participating again tomorrow but a little shy after last week's misunderstanding with Annie R and Alun.

Graham Powell said...

that's nice of you! thanks!

are you going to the merc tomorrow?

i ran out of soy, so i'll be there sometime b4 10am i think...


talk to you soon.

when/where are you going out of town?


thehealingroom said...

Of Course I want you to visit me!
Of Course I want you to work me in!

How can I resist such an offer??!!

I know your participation in 20 Comments Wednesday makes a difference....I know that reading here prompts me to check out some of these blogs for sure.
I am so slow at typing and I have so many other things to do that I haven't been keeping up with it....but Bravo! to those who do. I do visit more I just am not posting links and stuff.

d34dpuppy said...

i totally screwed my 20 blog dealie up :o(

Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

Wow!!! 20 comments in one day... I think that's way beyond me.... Maybe when I get a computer at home....

* (asterisk) said...

Hey Candy. I love doing 20CW, but I'm so damn busy today that I don't think I'll have time to do many, if any... I'll keep score and see how I go. I will at least try to put something new up for you!

thehealingroom said...

Thanks Candy!
wow I sound awesome...I want to know me!
lots of love, J.

Wandering Coyote said...

Thanks for the link Candy. 20CW will evolve eventually, as you thought. While it was a lot of work, I did get a lot of traffic that day.

Wandering Coyote said...

Funnily enough, I just went to Karen's blog, and she's doing "New Blog Wednesday" instead of 20CW.

Anonymous said...

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