Saturday, August 19, 2006

What Should We Do?


Don't we all wish we could do something to help the earth...the environment...nature?

Over ar Red's Page she posted a video by Chicago band Rise Against with a quote of theirs about their video and they ask..."What should we do about the earth?"

I say, don't do anything!

It's what we are always doing that gets us into trouble. We mess with the world and each other.

It's time to STOP doing stuff.

People always think, the way we have done things hasn't worked out, let's get a new program.

No more programs.

They don't work. They've never worked, why would they start now. No programs!

Don't build new subdivisions. Live in an urban centre.

Don't drive a car. Take public transit. You can read a book while travelling!

Don't shop. We don't even use half the stuff we own, why buy more stuff? Take a break for a year.

If you do need to shop, buy something hand made.

Trade things with your neighbours? Bartering?

Obviously, we still believe in locking up free food and selling it back to you'll have to buy food...but buy organic. Try to grow a plant or two in your house, even if its just herbs. Make a greenhouse in your garden or deck.

Take a small step in cutting back the agricultural land robbing wildlife. Don't buy wheat products, rice, potatoes, corn. These Frankenfoods are almost useless nutritionally. Drop them from your diet and investigate wild life food sources. Protein that lives free...non-agricultural. I'm not saying this will be easy, But start to find out how your food lives. ( by dropping useless nutrition sources like grains and will also feel benefits of more energy and less weight, takes a gallon of oil to grow corn). You can totally have a beautiful varied diet by focusing on protein, and nutritionally high value foods like lettuce, brocoli, cabbage, cauliflower and berries. You don't need starchy crud like noodles and rice and bread. Let some animals have their land back.

Don't support governments and politicians you don't believe in. Besides, politics have never done anything to help people. Politicians are supposed to be our secretaries. Stop treating them like gods. Can they read? Can they type? Can they pay the bills we want them to pay? Can they answer phones? Otherwise they are useless to us.

People have the power.

Let's do nothing and show them who is boss!


thehealingroom said...

"Politicians are supposed to be our secretaries. Stop treating them like gods. Can they read? Can they type? Can they pay the bills we want them to pay? Can they answer phones? Otherwise they are useless to us."
I love this definition Candy.
Its awesome. I will personally promote it.


Have you seen John Prescott over here? A secretary?? The vision of him in the typing pool is not a pleasant one....

Candy Minx said...

Well, Four Dins, the idea we all forget is we don't need politicians to make decisions or "run" things...we need them to do our bidding. How about this, they should be our "assistants"

Anonymous said...

Hey Candy,
You must have heard (big feature for awhile on cbc) about the guy out west who traded from a red paper clip over the course of the year to the house in Sask. I think it took him a dozen or so trades!
A nice poster child for the trade/barter system.

Alice said...

Awesome, Candy!


* (asterisk) said...

I'm sure many people who could do this don't even realize it. We have to shop, you know? We must drive to work. And even it we didn't, it is our right, dammit. People just don't see the big picture. Grrr.

Rauf said...

Nothing is in our hands Candy. Evil is so powerful. Who doesn't want a peaceful existence ? Who wants war, killing of the innocents, pain, suffering, who wants to leave the place they are born ? Still these things happen.

It is all in the hands of very few who make such miseries happen. The planet can grow food for fourteen billion people but still we have deaths due to starvation.

10 degree rise in temprature is predicted in the next few decades. Just because a few big wigs are not serious about it, the entire human race is facing extinction.

Candy Minx said...

Rauf, I know...and you are right.

Watching the movie syriana just brought it to the is so in your face. I mean, it's one thing to say only a few people run the world and we are their slaves, heh hee hee...

and we ll know it...right? But sheesh to see a movie made not like a sci-fi...usually the structure of our existence is fed to us in a science fiction.

Ouch, Syriana just felt like"how does it feel sucka?"

I wqs so depressed last night. But a good sleep and now I am just despoondant and cynical and depressed. That mixes it up a bit.

No civilization has ever worked things out before. They have all just abandoned the way they lived and worked, including the rich. the economy of civilization just collapses and the people walk revolution, no group just becomes obvious and everyone loses the lifestyle, even the very few rich. Rome, Maya, Easter Island, Anasatzi,...

5reasons past civilizations "collapsed"

1)Environmental damage like deforestation and soil erosion
2)Climate change
3)Dependance upon long distance trade for resources
4)Increasing levels of internal and external violence suh as war or invasion
5)Societal responses to internal and environmental problems

More here..

Dollface said...

Hoorah! I'm reading backwards on your blogs - Yes, I agree, let's stop consuming so much! Even small modifications to our life style can make a dent. I used to want new things but I proudly furnished this apartment with $400 and a day at the auction. Didn't have to consume any new trees, energy sources, etc. Use the library! Be careful in the food department! We can't do it all, but we can make our own little dent into the SYSTEMS.

music is art said...

its nice to stumble upon a lil more hope every now and then. thankyou for that :)

The Editor said...

The evidence unfortunatly is that human beings everywhere are like the Easter Islanders using trees as rollers to move huge stone statues around to look out to sea. Until there are no trees left oops...
but on the bright side mass extinction is THE driving force behind evolution. Those algae things way back practically made themselves extinct after 100's of millions of years because they polluted the entire planet with oxygen.. Unlucky...