Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You Saw It First

You're seeing me first, just off the bus from Toronto. For some reason the Deitroit-Chicago run is hell. No stops except by the penitentiary. Good thing Tuffy P and Mister Anchovy met me for coffee(okay, Mr. A and I downed two help me sleep on the bus) and Tuffy P bought me a bag of chips and Advil just before dropping me at the bus. It's all I ate since.

I insisted on hauling my very heavy book laden suitcase on the El Train. I love the Brown Line, and was so happy when I finally got on it and looked at the city. I missed the town!

I missed the computer and desk so much! Uh, actually, the desk doesn't look like this right now, that photo is from Febuary. The desk is covered with junk. Tomorrow. I'm too tired right now. I also missed my PDR. Personal Digital Recorder for tv programs.

But MOST OF ALL...I missed my MAN!!!! Stagg has tickets for Governemnt Mule tonight coincidently. They are a jam band so god knows when they'll be finished. I got back to an empty apartment. We have strange timing sometimes...So I am off to the little local pub to listen to disco with my people (gay bar) :)


rauf said...

sweet picture lovely you look, Hello Candy

mister anchovy said...

glad you made it home safe and sound....I did manage to make late night bbq bread by the way and it was amazing!

Timmer said...

Mr. A making late night bbq bread, ha, that is good. Hey Candy glad you made it safe. Say hello to Stagg for me. I printed out a ronscy to mail you but I have to get your address. Also I'm taking off tomorrow for the weekend to Ottawa.

Red said...

You look pretty foxy for someone who's just made a hellish Toronto-Chicago bus trip! Stagg must be kicking himself that he wasn't there to welcome you!

(And I love your desktop pattern...)

* (asterisk) said...

Welcome back, Candy Girl! Looking forward to catching up.

Candy Minx said...

Mr.A., I forgot about you maiign bread on the bbq in the middle of the night!

Tim, have a great long weekend in Ottawa. And I love the comic book you gave me, thanks again.

Red, I am not sure how much he enjoyed his concert, ha ha. Thanks for thinking I look foxy there. I was feeling pretty shaky. The bartender at the gay bar bought me a beer and a shot, by the time I got back here I fell asleep right away. I woke up hours later to the phone ringing over and over. Hang up ring ring. Uh oh. It seems I put on all the Chicago style bolts and chains on the door. Stagg was at the donut shop six blocks away trying to wake me up phoning and hanging up.

Asterisk, I am glad to be back, and back to blogging. Ifelt really only scattered all summer bloggging and writing from internet cafes and borrowed desks.

Stagg says hi to everyone! Of course, he is all passed out right now, I don't know what hit him, but he's all worn out. wink wink.

Gardenia said...

Fun to see see pictures of blog friends & their lives!