Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Art of War Redux

My portrait of Guy Kawasaki is still for sale on eBay. Guy Kawasaki, a marketing and business guru, wants to rank in the top ten of Technorati. I said I would beat him there first. In April I painted a portrait of Mr. Kawasaki to intimidate my opponent. I have had it for sale since May 3. As you all know time adds value to a painting so I had to up the price, heh heh. I am now asking $250.00 for the painting titled Kawasaki Krump. When this portrait sells I will still donate half the sales to a charity of Mr. Kawasaki's choice. Kawasaki's rank in Technorati dropped to #43 (formerly #33) My Technorati rank is currently 76,985. I am ON THE RISE. Oh Kawasaki be afraid, be very afraid.

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Kawasaki Krump




I still think he should have handlebars and a throttle...

Candy Minx said...

hee hee

Alice said...


Hi Candy!
Yes, the heat seems to have subsided for now. Finally I can move without sweating..I can’t imagine being in Iraq now…too hot (and violent)….

Where are you traveling? Hope you’re well too…stay safe.

All good things,