Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Art of War Vol. 2 (Making Byzantine Kawasaki)

Here is the progress I'm making with the painting of Byzantine Kawasaki.

Here are some of the Jewel shopping bags I love to paint on. I've taped them together and kind of wet them down and stretched the paper glue is lined up and lots of paints. The postcards to the right are part of my campaign. Mail outs, drop offs, schmoozing. Whatever it takes. I'm going to beat Guy Kawasaki in technorati. (Fri 4a .m. Chicago:Guy: #55, Candy #360,112)

These are some things I've lined up for this painting.

Going to be lots of flowers and clouds in this painting. And mechanical parts.

Guy (or Guy prankster) posted a comment below and linked this photo gallery of photos for me. What a difference a large photo to work from makes. Compared to the earlier sketches. Now its starting to really look like him.

This is one of a few small sketches I made of Guy, but I am going to make it about twice as big as this with the nice drippy underpainting for the sky.


Anonymous said...

This one's me but t'other one wasn't....


Candy Minx said...

Ha ha How ya doing 4dinners? Oh god, what if he really did pop by. I'm terribly inspired, I am painting like a fiend. I'm so stoked, cranked, what does one say when competing?..."I am so happy I woke up at 4 a.m. " No, that can't be right. I should go to your blog to research sports terminology. ARGGH. How was that?

Timmer said...

I see a mac, alright! Painting/collage is good.
Good luck and fun with the technorati stuff.

Timmer said...
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