Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shannon's MIX Junt

I love music movies and videos and band dvds. Love em. Collect em. We just got Rize last night. Krump clown bring it on down. I also love my cd cases. You can see my pink hard case there in the back. I brought N.W.A. dvd to Stagg. He has seen N.W.A. I think I mentioned this before. It makes me nuts, they were performing with Ice T. I'm so jealous. But then I've seen Alien Sex Fiend. Three times. So that makes him nuts. I was kind of shy because here I love like Moulin Rouge, Grease, Footloose, U2. Chick shit. Hey I love N.W.A. I almost fainted when I saw it for sale. I like a lot of different styles and layers of music. I don't understand people who don't. And photography I love David Lachappelle and Tim Fitzharris(he also has amazing wolf portraits)

See that purple cd case? That was a gift from a friend here in Chicago, Lil Guido. I don't know where she got it, but it is so cool. Maybe she found it on the sidewalk...because it kind of smells musty or dirty. It came with someone elses cd collection it in. I am guessing Shannon, aka "Unique" and it is signed "heart Candy". So it looks like Shannons friend Candy gave her the cd case at least. For me, this is gold...I feel really bad that someone lost their cds., but they have a good home. A lot of the music I love although it is odd 2Pac and Jessica Simpson? I love 2Pac...but Simpson, honestly I've never listened to her music. Wouldn't it be funny if I become a Jessica Simpson hit lover? I liked her mtv show, does that count? I write this is the kind of thing I could look at and listen to and imagine who was this girl Shannon? A Nicole cd, Fantasia, A Donny Hathaway Collection (Elliot from American Idol does his songs...) A Madonna mix: Cherish, Borderline, Crazy For You, Express Yourself, Like A Prayer, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Lucky Star, Material Girl, Papa Don't Preach, Take a Bow, You'll See and Like A Virgin. I got tickets for June.

Okay, then there is the Ark. After the 2Pac (he is a "must have")...Shannon's MIX Junt. I knew this was the good one. The Source. What love songs does she have here...I've been listening to it while making this post and it is a great mix. There is something magical about listening to a mixed recording by someone else and not having a clue what to expect, what is on it.Alicia Keys You Don't Know My Name, If I Ain't Got You, Diary, Beyonce Baby Boy, Dangerously In Love, Ashanti Rock Wit U(Awww Baby), Rain On Me, Christina Milian Dip It Low, Sean Paul (feat. Sasha) I'm Still In Love With You, Aaliyah One In A Million, Musiq Half Crazy, R Kelly It Seems Like You're Ready. Here I am listening to someone elses love songs. And they are songs I love. It's beautiful...we share love songs. We all do. I spent so many years being cool rejecting a lot of popular music...I was goth, punk industrial grunge alternative BUT still working in bars and night clubs playing mainstream music, and loving a lot of it. It may lower your cool creds but I love the idea of sharing love songs. Worldwide MIX junt.


Anonymous said...

hello this is jim w aka jennifer's estranged husband i am intrigued by what u are doing its very good, i also have a few stories i have put together that i would like u to peruse if possible . My email is kinda sucky but then i am a leaf fan so its Leaffan27@hotmail .com i i do think these stories i hAve are worth a look jw

Candy Minx said...

I'll email in a few minutes, thanks Jim nice to see ya!