Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kawasaki Krump...Closer closer...

See my powerful fist, I have you in my hands, Kawasaki. I WILL beat you in technorati!!! Candy Minx kicks Guy Kawasaki's technorati ass!

After cutting out a sillouette of a hand in a magazine, I noticed on a page underneath this bit of photo of David Carradine from Kill Bill and his hand. That is the paper bag you can see through the cut out hand mirroring Carradines hand. A coincidence.

I painted these little clouds and then cut them up and used bondex to collage them into the painting.

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Minxie 1 Kawasaki 0.....been doodlin' 'cause of you. One day I'll post 'em n you can critique ' gentle with me!