Friday, August 25, 2006

How Many People Run The World?

How many people run the world, and how do you feel about that?

Is it true that whoever controls the oil, controls the world?

I remember reading a book about the Betel Corporation and how very few people really control the market for construction. No not houses, I mean REALbuildings, international contracts. I knew more or less only a few people run the world. Syriana succeeds in demonstrating that perhps even less people than we could imagine are running the world. In your face.

How many? 50,000? 1,000? I suspect it might only be a hundred people take all our money and our labour and use iot to maintain themselves in riches and mind games and political intrique.

Do you enjoy this relationship? Are you having fun yet?

Dave over at How to Save The World has two threads you may find interesting. There is a lot to read over there, it's overwhelming but he is so determined and commited, I think he is worth checking out just for that reason.
Why Local Sustainable Enterprises are at Compatitive Disadvantage, and what to do about it

How many people run the world and how do you feel about that?



Don't know how many but it's the wrong one's.

Candy Minx said...

ha ha, good one 4Ds!

Dollface said...

Well, don't know for sure. I think I know some specific names though - Chain Knee? I've been fascinated about what globalization has done to our "American Way of Life" and actually what it has done to developing countries that work for $.15 cents a garment or hour. It will be interesting to watch as China's consumption of oil continues to rise and rise - hhmmm - have we any Chinese oil barons?

I feel angry that a few (comparitively) people run the world - I like more autonomy over my own world - like buying something U.S. made for a change -

I'm watching local politics - not city, but County and State, and its rather nauseating. I'm starting a new blog about the politics here. Will link it when its a wee bit more developed. A satire blog.

Red said...

Mmm, I left a comment here last night, but I guess Blogger in its infinite wisdom swallowed it up. Anyway, here's more reading material for you...

the cappuccino kid said...

one man alone runs the universe. he is known as the man in the shack and lives with his cat. which is called the lord.
he gets visited occasionally by angels that appear in spaceships, riding little hover scooters. they ask him questions then leave.

(according to the late great douglas adams anyway)

ant said...

They may rule the world, but they'll never take my mind.


Nancy Drew said...

JFK commented on that and look at what happened to HIM!!

Wandering Coyote said...

The Corporation claimed that 15 corporations are trying to rule the world. 15 too many if you ask me.

Nancy Drew said...

JFK said something about that and look at what happened to HIM!!